Client: Activision

Role: Capture / Editor

Date: 2016

Project Details

Taking unused footage from a Skylanders Imaginators commercial shoot, I was tasked with creating a new wave of online commercials for the brand.

For this project I was tasked with not only editing the videos but also creating the Skylander described in the video using the in-game tools and capturing gameplay footage. The task of editing was relatively easy, the kids had ton of great material to choose from thus making the editing process much easier.

Creating the Skylanders they described was the actual challenge. Not only I had to make sure what they described could be created in game, but also I had to get approval on every Skylander I created (which was a very long process.) Once the Skylander was created and approved, I would then capture beauty and action shots for the video.

Once I had edited different videos, I suggested we make a compilation video with every kid featured in the commercial. Marketing loved the idea and requested more kids be filmed for this commercial. I was given a lot of creative freedom for this project, something I’m always very thankful for.