Arash Ommati – I Choose You!

This project started as a way to highlight accomplishments by competitive Pokemon players who wanted to share their story on how they got to where they are.

Client: N/A
Role: Editor, Producer

While traveling to Australia for the Oceania International Championships. I contacted Arash about doing a video on him. Arash was very excited and accepted the proposal. After the tournament we went back to my Airbnb where I setup the shoot. Since there was only so much I could take with me to Australia, I didn’t pack any lights and had to survive on the room’s lights/natural lighting.

Once I started editing the project it was a lot of fun to craft a narrative that was both inspirational and fun to watch. Finding footage for b-roll was probably the most challenging part of this video. But luckily the community offered me a lot of help with any potential shots that I might have needed.

Very few times do I go back and watch previous videos I’ve worked on but this one is an exception. I absolutely love the end product and its honestly one of my favorite videos I’ve ever made.