Art of Community

Not too long after graduating college, one of my professor’s Tas Salini asked if I’d be interested in editing a documentary project he was working on.

Client: Community Foundation of Broward
Role: Editor

I was very honored that one of my college professors would request my assistance with a project of this magnitude. It took a lot of work to create something that demonstrated the amount of good this foundation was doing and please the client at same time.

Documentaries are made in the editing room. No matter how much you plan prior to a shoot, you simply never know what you’ll get out of something that is non-scripted. That is the nature of documentaries and thus the challenge that comes with editing them.

“Documentaries are made in the editing room.”

Another challenge with this project was the low budget. Whenever you do work for a non-profit you usually expect lower pay, which is absolutely fine. The issue is that you can only dedicate so much time and energy to working on it. This project was happening at same time as I was editing The Record Man, thus limiting the amount of time I could work on it. It was challenging but worth it.

There was a lot of really great scenes I was able to put together for this project, some which displayed a lot of emotion. I was happy with a lot of the work I done on this project, though I did have to fight on a few changes requested by the client.