Destinos Interrumpidos

Role: Colorist
Project: Destinos Interrumpidos (2012)
Director: Daniel Holguin

Fresh off of college, I was offered this documentary to color grade. Having very little experience color grading, I did the only sensible thing and said yes (when opportunity knocks, you open the door).

Working with director Daniel Holguin, I was given a hard drive with all the footage and a XML of the timeline. Having never color graded an entire feature length documentary before, at first it seemed like a extremely difficult task for a number of reasons.

First, what software do I use to color grade this? At the time I used to color grade everything in Adobe After Effects (remember I was new). I had dabbled of Davinci Resolve but didn’t really feel confident in using it for such a major project yet. And Premiere at the time didn’t offer the tools needed for me properly fix the colors for this project. So Adobe After Effects became the software I used to grade this project.

My second problem was figuring out all the technical difficulties of handling such a large project. When I received the hard drive, the documentary was still being edited but we didn’t have the time to wait for the documentary to be finished for me to start grading it. So I came up with the work around of cutting the documentary in half and starting off of the portion that was finished.

Once I started working on the project I came into one last issue, After Effects was really slow. I love After Effects but it’s definitely not the best piece of software when comes to working fast. Unfortunately, there’s no way to work around that. I was still just out of college and could only afford to work on the PC that I had at the time. 

Working with director Daniel Holguin I was able to track along with our agreed deadline and assist them with the post production process. Daniel was an awesome person to work with and I give him all the credit for the success he was able to achieve with the documentary. 

This project made a huge impact in my career. Not only was it the first major project I got a chance to work on. But also, opened my eyes to the possibility of being a professional colorist. Something that I grown to love and add to my list of skills.