Playstation Console Evolution

This video is in no way affiliated with Sony or the Playstation brand.

This project was a fan-made video in order to celebrate the launch of the PlayStation 4. I acquired a 3D model of a PS4 and started working on this as a way to display my motion graphics capabilities. What started as a few shots grew into an entire video and before I knew  I had spent over $100 in 3D models.

At the time the only 3D capabilities I had was with Video Copilot’s Element 3D. Which allows After Effects to render full 3D models, but has quite a few limitations. I think the hardest part was lighting the 3D models and the lack of control over layer interaction in Element 3D.

Looking back at this video, I’m pretty proud of how the Playstation 4 portion came out. I’d redo most of this in Blender today if I had the time. I love creating motion graphics but it’s definitely a talent that takes a lot of work to get it right.