Client: Activision

Role: Capture / Editor

Date: 2015

Project Details:

Shortly after getting hired at Activision I was task with taking over this series for another editor who had another project to work on. This was my first chance to impress my supervisors with what I could do. 

Thanks to my time working on The Record Man, I had all the experience required to create these videos, at least so I thought at first. What I didn’t realize was that I would also be capturing all the gameplay footage needed for B-Roll which was completely new to me. After spending some good quality time learning the debug tools and how to play the game, I finally had all the tools needed to edit the video. 

I was given a lot of creative freedom as far as content and it was overall a very enjoyable experience seeing how the developers come up with ideas for their creation. My supervisors were very impressed with the work and what started as a three month contract job, has become a job I’ve held for three years.