Timeline of the entire film

Director: Mark Moormann

Role: Editor / Motion Graphics / Online Editor

Date: 2014 – 2015

Project Details

What started off with me just doing transcription for the interviews and grew into a full time job that lasted over two years. Everyday I would ride my bike to Director Mark Moormann’s house and edit this project. He wanted greatness and would not settle for anything less. He was a very good mentor and I don’t think I would be where I am today without him.

One first day of editing I was given an outline of the story. That was basically the skeleton we would follow for the storytelling portion of the documentary. Of course in the editing room things changed a lot from the initial outline but it helped a lot as far the direction needed to create this film.

After months of tirelessly editing, we met our deadline to submit to Sundance Film Festival. Unfortunately, our movie did not enter their official selection but I was very proud of the work that we did. After submitting the film to Sundance, we took a month break to relax and help us get a better perspective of where the movie was and what was working and what wasn’t.

When we returned to the editing room, we chipped away at fixing the pace of certain scenes, and adding archive photos we discovered. The producers wanted a lot of animations in the photos but unfortunately could only afford to do so many. So they asked me if I could assist in that since I was much cheaper than hiring a dedicated team to create motion graphics.

This film is still to this date the most difficult project I’ve ever worked on. We finished editing on February 9th, 2015 a day before my move to Los Angeles.