Skylanders Imaginators: SoulGem Series


Client: Activision
Role: Editor/Gameplay Capture

For this project I was tasked with creating all of the Soulgem videos that would go into Skylanders Imaginators. These videos are little “previews” that players can watch in-game to show some of the Skylanders abilities and moves.

The challenge with this project is that I was flying solo for all the capture of the different heroes. With over 32 heroes to work with, it was a lot of work getting footage that would look fun while demonstrating the different abilities possible. Another challenge with this was the custom Skylanders players could create.

I had to create hundreds of heroes of different elements, submit them for approval, make changes to each one based on developer feedback. Needless to say, it was a lot of work but it’s really cool to think something I made is inside of a video game.